Spare Change News

customized each week by a a featured vendor and reflects their relationship with the locals.

               The non-profit newspaper not only provides jobs to the local homeless community, but inspires them to produce content working towards a unified goal: taking steps for creating social change.

               Our mission was to take these ideas and maximize potential by creating a newspaper that promotes communication across demographics, embedding a sense of humanity into the process of purchasing a street paper from your local vendor.



Design: Kevin Chao, Johnny Lee, and Michelle Wang

               Spare Change News is a bimonthly publication based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their mission is to show that the homeless and economically disadvantaged are capable of creating change in society. It is the nation’s oldest street paper, founded in 1992 by a group of homeless vendors backed by the Homeless Empowerment Project.  All content is generated by locals — journalism students, interns, volunteers, even vendors themselves.

               Our solution was based on the concept of “community” — specifically using the typography to empower homeless community. The re-design displays personality through handwritten type

Design: Kevin Chao, Johnny Lee

Here's A Weird Box

therapy, while also creating an experience that is affordable to the general public.

               The box will anonymously collect user data that can reveal trends on specific light and sound frequencies' effect on mood, ultimately allowing people to find settings that can be used to help alleviate situational feelings of negativity on a regular basis.

               Here's A Weird Box is the product of Kevin Chao and Johnny Lee's exploration in alternative therapies for their senior thesis work. The idea evolved from a general interest in developing solutions for social issues and took the form of an exhibition that serves as a social experiment investigating the efficiency of light and sound as therapy. The intention of the box is to create an unconventional therapeutic space that removes the negative connotations of seeking formal

HEALTH the Band


Design: Kevin Chao

Info Coming Soon.

Design: Kevin Chao,

Direction: Franklyn


minimally disruptive visual marks superimposed on the text. Once the reader is able to comprehend the system they will be able to read it the way it was meant to be said, eliminating the large majority of common miscommunication.

               Serving as a catalyst for learning, an archive of celebrities and politicians that are recognized for their unique voices are used to demonstrate how the system works. Examples include: Tyler, the Creator, Jessica Simpson, Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler, and more.

Design: Kevin Chao

               Textualize is a typography system that bridges speech to the written word. There is a clear deficiency in the way we communicate on digital platforms. 70% of communication relies on factors other than content (e.g. body language, tone, etc.) and the nuances in speech are on their way to becoming obsolete. This system is an attempt to bring some personability into the content of our communication.

               Textualize splits speech into four parts: inflections, volume, acceleration, and pausing. Each of these elements are represented by

Core77 Conference: Object Culture


Info Coming soon

Design: Kevin Chao

Know When To Play

important to me to not lose sight of what I truly love by getting caught up with "work".

               This poster is a personal reminder that it's okay to step back and spend time having fun, seeing family, maintaining friendships, etc.

               A 3-Dimensional poster. Created as part of a 10-piece poster series based on my personal 10 point manifesto. "Know How to Play" is a reaction from the point titled "Stay Balanced," which refers to the need to remember all facets of life that make things so great. As a soon-to-be college graduate I am facing a pivotal section of life and it is



Analytical Engine as inspiration, we developed a custom typeface constructed of graphic elements from a diagram of the historic computer. Utilizing elements of this new typeface, we constructed a provocative logo that has sparked a lot of discussion.

Design: Kevin Chao + Franklyn

               A tech company unlike any other, Betaworks needed to express its individuality. This is the identity I worked on for them with Franklyn, art directed by Michael Freimuth.

               Part startup factory and part venture capital firm, Betaworks wanted to root its new identity in tech history.  With Charles Babbage’s

Design: Kevin Chao

Fact / Lies

In these posters the word "Fact" morphs into the word "Lies" creating a pardoxical message. The letterforms represent the layers between information told to you and the source of the information. Always be questioning others—being naïve is just being stupid.

               A 3-Dimensional poster. Created as part of a 10-piece poster series based on my personal 10 point manifesto. "Fact / Lies" is a reaction from the point titled "Question Everything," which refers to the benefits of always drawing your own conclusions and never trusting something just because it was told to you.

World Architecture Festival

               Four separate panels of Illustration board were laser cut, screen-printed, and offset to create optical distortion as the viewer moves horizontally across the poster.

Design: Kevin Chao

               A 3-Dimensional Poster created for the World Architecture Festival '13. The poster emphasizes the experiential quality of architecture as well as containing many traits of contemporary and deconstructivist architecture (e.g. the structuring of an organic line).



Design: Kevin Chao

Steven Soderbergh's Traffic

visual details give some insight into the personality of each. As a whole, the posters stress the tension and chaos as a result of drug trafficking and abuse throughout the film.

               This project includes 3 typographic posters for the movie Traffic directed by Steven Soderbergh. Each poster involves a quote from 3 of the main characters in the film (Montel Gordon, Javier Rodriguez, and Robert Wakefield respectively), and the differences in

Good Picket Signs

               Signs are available through custom packaging, but PDFs for personal printing and DIY directions are also available on the website. All proceeds go to towards bailing out victims of incarceration at protest sites.

Design: Kevin Chao

               Good Picket Signs produces heavy-duty custom picket signs for the everyday activist. These signs are produced as encouragement for practicing your rights as an American citizen, as well as giving your messages the boldness and flashiness they need in order to be noticed.